“Demographic profile, Absolute Lymphocyte count and outcomes in Non M3 Acute myeloid leukemia from a tertiary care centre in South India”

Background: Acute Myeloid Leukemia is the most common leukemia in adults with a median age of 65 years, but with poor outcome rates. This analysis was done to understand the survival rates in our population and also to analysis the impact of baseline Absolute lymphocyte count which may be associated with treatment outcomes.

Methodology: Retrospective analysis from 2010 January to 2018 December. 316 patients were diagnosed as AML during this study period; of which 248 were registered under medical oncology department; excluding the missing files, upfront presentation as relapse, M3, and best supportive care, we had 199 case records for analysis.


 The median age of newly diagnosed patients was 37 years which is much lower than the western population. (range: 14 in <16 years/217 in 16-60 years and 27 in > 60 year age group). There was no significant gender difference.The median duration of symptoms was 4 weeks (1-52 weeks ); Of the 296 patients diagnosed as acute myeloid leukemia (non m3), only 199 were willing for treatment, with 152 getting the standard of care treatment for AML. Outcomes were similar to other studies. The association between Absolute lymphocytes count at diagnosis and treatment outcomes was significanct in our study population.

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